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Red Ox round up!

Morning everyone,

This week is a bit of a ‘brain dump‘ of all things Red Ox, so brace yourself!

Please have a read through and get back to me with any questions, or to book a space on any of the upcoming events 😊

Firstly, the Fitness part of Red Ox ..

Online class attendance has dropped significantly during May & June 😥

Despite the views expressed in the recent questionnaire, I think quite a few of you returned to gyms when they reopened in May.

There’s a few regular faces missing, and you can’t all be on holiday!

Understandably after 16 months of just seeing my face beaming back at you from your screen, you fancy a change! You can only ‘stay in the legs’ and maintain ‘no bums in the air’ for so long after all!

I appreciate that we are in an ever changing and challenging situation, and that your work & family commitments alter frequently, sometimes without much notice. However I do have to consider the continuing viability of classes, and ideally a minimum of 5 participants is the benchmark for a class.

I am always happy to listen to your suggestions and feedback, but I will be considering suspending the quieter classes at least for the summer months. Maybe September will provide a clearer picture of our long term position - who knows?! 🤪

.. and now for the Events!

#PopUpAesthetics This Saturday 26th June

12-5pm @The Training Station, SE12

Vitamin B12

Dermal fillers

Fine lines & wrinkles

Profhilo skin boost treatment

* Contact me to book an appointment

This Sunday 27th June

2-4pm @The Bitter End

£30 pp - spaces still available

31 Jul- 01 Aug The Family Edition

22/23 Aug - 1 space remaining 08/09 Oct - spaces available

Red Ox (Fitness and Events) and Ray Betts Adventures team up to bring you 24 hours of the great outdoors ..

Learn the basic survival skills, get involved with the team games, experience yoga & Pilates in the open air surrounded by trees .. and then chill out under the stars, around a cosy campfire!

£100 per person - all camping equipment and food will be provided.

(£150 per carer/child pair on the Family Edition)

You will be given the opportunity to inform us of any allergies/dietary requirements.

A kit list and activity itinerary will be sent to you prior to the event.

Friday 01st October

7.30pm until late

Club Langley, Beckenham

* Ticket entry only - on sale soon.

A long overdue celebration of life, love and friendship!

Simply accessorise or go all out in full fancy dress, and join us for a night of dancing, drinking and laughter!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter, I hope you find it useful. Looking forward to seeing the wine connoisseurs on Sunday 🍷 ..

have a great weekend all!

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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You are my guru and friend. I will always do all that I can in you classes, allowing for injuries of this old body. Thank you for everything you do.

Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards
Jun 26, 2021
Replying to

Your ‘old body’ is pretty amazing and always a joy to have in class! Thank you Pam 😊


Promise I have not gone to the gym! I thoroughly enjoy your classes but you’re right life is a lot busier now which is why classes early in the morning work for me. Will try to do as many as possible. Thank you for it all.

Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards
Jun 26, 2021
Replying to

It’s always a pleasure to have you in class whenever you are able to make it Sue, thank you 😊 Have a great weekend!

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