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Lots to tell you!

Morning all,

If you are reading this then you didn’t get blown away in the winds during this last week!

I love a bit of wild weather but my hair has developed a permanent frizz 😂

Now that the mornings are lighter, can I tempt any of you to join #BootCamp40 ?

We meet in the playground at Kings Meadows at 7am on Mondays/Thursdays, and 8am on Saturdays (you get a weekend lay in!) and it’s a great way to kickstart your day .. the session is suitable for all abilities, and all you need to bring is a mat and your sense of humour 😉

Those of you that have fallen by the wayside are welcome to slide back in, no questions asked!

Check out the app for more details and to book, see you there!

If Outdoors Training just isn’t filling you with joy, and you are unable to attend the LIVE online sessions on the #ZoomExpress, don’t forget I created the #ZoomDirectory just for you!

There are many classes to choose from, all available to rent for just £3.50 each - convenient and competitively priced, what more could you ask for?!

Refer back to the previous blog for details on how to access and utilise the Directory.


See you there! Friday 4th March 7.00pm

The Goldsmiths Arms, Penge



2-4pm at Bitter End, Bromley

Get your Tasting & Entry Only tickets available NOW via the Events tab on the app .. follow this link ⬇️


TREATMENT BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 📔*provided by Joseph.Aesthetics

Saturday 26th March

11-4pm at Grove Park SE12

Profhilo skin boosters

Fine lines & wrinkles

Vitamin injections

Collagen induction therapy

Dermaplaning and more ..

* Appointments should be booked in advance, and a deposit is required to secure your appt.



In association with Ray Betts Adventures

We are kicking off this year’s events with our

Family Easter Experience🐣