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Henrietta has left the building 🦔

Morning all,

Lily is already hiding out in anticipation of next week’s upheaval!

Meanwhile, it looks like Henrietta has left the building 😢 after hosting our little hedgehog friend for two months we are sad to see her go, but glad she finally realised that the hole John sawed into our fence was for her benefit, and off she scurried on Wednesday night under the cover of darkness!

We will leave her nest box there in case she wants to pop back from time to time 🦔


There will be no live Zoom Express classes from Monday 11th - Friday 15th July inclusive.

My studio will be used as a temporary store room whilst the lounge and kitchen are finally decorated - if you have been to my house you will appreciate how small the space actually is, and to teach classes around Emma from She-I-Y (see what she did there!) isn’t really feasible.

However the ZOOM DIRECTORY is available, and instructions via last week’s newsletter can be accessed here ⬇️

I’ll still be BootCamping at Kings Meadow if you fancy a change from online, and I’m happy to schedule 1-1 PT, Pilates or SoundScape sessions if that’s something you would be interested in.

The July timetable will resume as below ⬇️ from Monday 18th.

️Please note - there will be no LIVE classes on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd July as I am on a training course.