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How to use the Zoom Directory

Quick recap!

Once purchased, you have 72 hours in which to view and complete the class before the link expires - an added incentive to not let it sit in your inbox for ages!

  1. Classes can only be rented via the WEBSITE on either a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone - it is not possible to rent classes via the APP on any device.

    • Digital content is not available via the app due to the 30% fee that Apple and Android now charge for all in-app purchases.

    • Wix, and other fitness platforms, blocked these purchases so that we do not incur the 30% fee - there is not a way to override this, believe me I have tried!

  2. Classes can only be rented on an individual PAYG basis, OR as part of the NEW Unlimited option

    • There is no option to add the Zoom Directory recordings to the 10 Class Pass without opening up unlimited access to all videos for the whole month.

    • Each of the 200+ recordings would have to be individually listed as a ‘service’ in order to attach it to the 10 Class Pass payment option - sorry, but no!

So how do you use the Zoom Directory?


On your chosen device, go to the website

Log in to your account with the same email address and password you use for the app.

The homepage will display 5 subheadings - click ‘Class bookings - Express & Directory

Scroll down past the Outdoor & Zoom Express class listings until you reach the Zoom Directory section - here you will see a series of thumbnail video clips, each displaying an arrow in a circle, and a £ sign in a circle.

Scroll through the videos by clicking on the arrow to the right, to see the full selection of available recordings.

Click on the circled arrow to watch a 20 second preview of that class, or click on the circled £ sign to rent the class.

You will be directed to a page that will ask for payment via credit/debit card or PayPal, and once purchased the recorded video link will be automatically emailed to you.


The easiest (and least stressful!) way to view your purchased class is via the device you rented it on, by first logging into your account, then opening the email sent to your inbox and clicking on the link.

❗️Check your junk folder for your first Zoom Directory recording - it will come via

‼️Please note that if you rent a video via the website on one device, then forward the email containing the class link to another device, it will not open directly.

In this case you should log into your website profile, scroll to the video purchased in the directory listings, and open there.

I hope this helps as a quick go-to reference,

and that you are able to utilise the many pre-recorded videos stored in the Directory.


Tracey 😊 x

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