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Bank Holiday pending ..

Hi everyone,

Ooh a long weekend!

Let’s hope that elusive yellow ball of fire in the sky makes an appearance ..

Classes are on as usual on Monday morning, but nothing in the evening so jump in early and then the rest of the day is yours!

There are also no classes this Thursday evening as I have to do a time trial run on public transport for my new class!

In case you missed the midweek mini blog re the September programme, here’s the link ⬇️ Have a read, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

* Please note that Saturday’s 10.30am Mini Ball Pilates will NOT run on 11th or 18th Sept, as it’s the husband’s 50th birthday and I have plans for him 🎉

If you are in need of a First Aid training refresher, then Gary Currier from NMA Training is the man who can!

Check out Monday’s #fwb Facebook post for details of Gary’s offer, and contact him to book. Don’t forget your discount still applies to all the independent businesses listed below -

Payley Photography

LYF Organic Skincare

Michelle Leaver Jewellery

Tara Banyard of Younique Makeup

Ollie Hicks of Hick Health Osteopathy

Rachel McCulloch of Splatter & Platter

Vicki Roughley of Rewrite your Narrative


Congratulations to Sue Thomas who wins the prize draw for a bottle of Bollinger champagne - she kindly referred our new member Anna.

Thank you Sue, your effort is very much appreciated 🍾

Events update:


I know I am nagging on this one, but the venue is hounding me for final numbers and unfortunately we are nowhere near our usual attendance for the annual Red Ox party 😢

This event could fall foul of the last 18 months of upheaval and I may end up cancelling.

If you are intending on attending, then please get your tickets ASAP via the link below ⬇️ it really would be great to see you in person, just like the old days!

I would also be interested to know why you won’t be coming - is the party theme ‘not your thing’, are you still uncomfortable in big crowds or are you playing catch up with other rescheduled events from the last year? It would be useful to know, thank you.


There are a couple of spaces still available on the October overnight camp. If you are free on 9/10th and fancy Pilates and Yoga beneath the tree canopy, and being at one with nature, then please join us .. drop me a message for more information.


#RumRevolution 🥃

I know a few of you have been waiting for this one so keep Sunday 21st November free, and watch this space for more info ..

This event is also open to any non-rum revolutionaries who fancy joining us for a pre-Xmas social soirée. You will be able to purchase your preferred choice of drinks at the bar.

Don‘t forget to refer back to the mid-week blog for full details of the Zoom Express Autumn timetable..

.. and keep an eye out - a new Outdoor Express programme is in the making, and you just might want to get involved!

Have a good Bank Holiday all ☀️ Tracey x

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