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Autumn timetable

Morning All,

I am hoping this mid week mini blog will reach you - it seems the Friday ones haven’t been read by many of late 😕 where have you all gone?!

The Zoom Express programme for Autumn is effective from Monday 06th September, and is as follows:

💫 Monday

09.30am Pilates

10.15am Below the Belt

11.00am All about Arms 5.30pm Box:It

💫 Tuesday

2.15pm LIFT

3.00pm Stretch & Relax

5.30pm ABC

6.30pm Pilates

💫 Wednesday

09.30am Mini Ball Pilates

10.15am Below the Belt

12.30pm Pump

5.30pm Combat

💫 Thursday

08.45am Pilates

09.30am ABC

1.15pm Box:It

💫 Friday

9.30am Pilates

10.15am All about Arms

2.15pm LIFT

3.00pm Stretch & Relax

5.00pm Pump

💫 Saturday

10.30am Mini Ball Pilates

* Other than the 1xCombat and 4xPilates, each class has been scheduled twice a week.

* There will be no classes on Thursday evenings as I will now be teaching a face to face Beginners Yoga class in Orpington.

A Thursday lunchtime class has been added.

* Classes are open to everyone irrespective of age or ability, and can be modified or progressed to suit the individual‘s level of fitness and any injuries.

❗️If you are unable to attend a class but would like to be sent the live recording to do at a later time that is more convenient to you, please book in as usual and message me to request the recording. The class will be deducted from your account, and the recording will be emailed to you.