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Zoom Express amendments

Morning all,

The Easter holidays are pending, as is the redecoration of the upstairs of my house (again 😫 let's not talk about it!) so there will be some timetable changes to accommodate this.

Please note there will be NO LIVE ZOOM EXPRESS CLASSES from Monday 10th - Friday 14th April inclusive.

From Monday 17th April, Pilates will resume on the Zoom Express on Monday at 0930, Thursday at 0845 and Friday at 0930.

The Thursday ABC and Friday AAA classes will be removed from the Zoom Express.

Sadly these live sessions have been struggling along for a while, but they remain available to rent on the Zoom Directory.

My face to face schedule changes after Easter and I shall be adding another day with my YogaTots.

And .. I'm going on holiday! 🎉

This is our first proper break since November 2019, and I am so looking forward to finally getting away for a week.

This trip should have been our 5th wedding anniversary holiday, it will now be our 8th 🤣

As much as I would love to make you all envious with a backdrop of blue skies and sparkly seas as I present my Pilates from the beaches of Malta, I will not be taking my laptop or doing any work whilst away 🤣

Remember the Zoom Directory is available for you 24/7 so please do take advantage.

Therefore there will be NO LIVE ZOOM EXPRESS CLASSES from Friday 28th April to Friday 05th May inclusive.

Pilates will resume on Monday 08th May.

❗️Jot all these dates down so that you are not left sitting in the Zoom waiting room, wondering where everyone is as you hold on for the host to start the meeting!

Any questions, shout!

Have yourselves a good weekend ..

Best wishes,

Tracey 😊 x

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