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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Evening all,

How's your week been?

I've been busy .. there's always stuff to organise!

Have a lookie 👀 there's something for everyone ..

Launching soon at the Complementary Health Centre, this session is aimed at mums who want to experience the healing vibrations and relaxing tones of Crystal Bowls, and bring their baby along to absorb the benefits too 👶🏻

Limited availability - only 10 places!

⭐️ Due to the fragility of the crystal bowls and the studio space available, this particular session is suited to babies who are not yet crawling or toddling.

Are YOU interested in joining us?

Maybe a friend or family member springs to mind - share this post with them ➡️

Yoga mats and soft foam blocks are provided, but it is advisable to bring a blanket to get cosy!

Day and time yet to be confirmed - please comment below if interested, and I will keep you informed.

❗️There is also the opportunity to offer this class for older children, teens, and adults - please let me know if you would be interested.

⭐️ Coming up ..

Sat 29th October - 2 spaces available

Fri 11th November - tickets on sale now!

Sun 4th December - get your Santa suit on!

Weds 21st December - limited places

All events can be booked and tickets purchased via the Red Ox app 😊

Class Pass credits

If you regularly buy a 10 Class Pass but are having trouble using the credits before they expire, check this out ..

Effective from 01st November, the 10 Class Pass will be valid for TWO months from date of purchase.

This removes the need to request an extension, and gives you twice as much time to get those classes in.

Please note that from this point I will no longer be emailing recordings to members who cannot attend the scheduled LIVE Zoom Express classes.

The Zoom Directory should be used to access all pre-recorded classes - this can be on a PAYG basis (still a bargain £3.50 per session, and valid for 72 hours from purchase) or as part of the Unlimited Zoom package (as many Express and Directory classes as you can do for a monthly fee of £50)

I hope this will make it easier all round, but please let me know if you have any issues.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Tracey 😊 x

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