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Heads up!

Hi everyone,

I know it’s only Wednesday, but as I’m away from Friday 15th until Monday 18th October I’m getting in early 👍

* Monday 6.30pm BootCamp 40 WILL run live!

All the usual Zoom Express classes are still on the app for this period, so please book any sessions as usual and I will send you a pre-recorded session to do at your own convenience! No slacking now, I will know if you cheat 😂

* I will NOT be taking my laptop away with me so all bookings should be completed by 8pm tomorrow (Thursday) to give me time to email you all - thank you!

* Reminder for upcoming events:

#HalloweenQuiz 🎃

Thursday 28th October

7.00pm via Zoom

Fancy Dress optional - prizes to be won!

#RumRevolution 🥃

Sunday 21st November

2-4pm at Butter End, Bromley

£30 pp - payable in advance via the app


From 01st December .. more details coming soon!

That‘s it for this week - please book your Zoom classes ASAP, and I will see you on screen again on Tuesday.

Thanks everyone,

Tracey x

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