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Testing times!

Hi all,

This week has been ‘testing’ trying to teach online around the decorator - but my new doors have now made their debut appearance in classes!

Congratulations to my lovely BootCamper Tracey, who became Mrs Pickett last Saturday 🎉🥳 it was such a fabulous day.

Dates for your Diary

#PopUpAestheticsClinic With Joseph.Aesthetics and Lucas Skincare

Saturday 21st May

10am until 2pm

Appointments should be made in advance

Join me for a mid week BootCamp on Wednesday evenings

7.00 - 7.45pm at Pickhurst Park Starting 8th June - book via the app!

Saturday 29th Oct - Tuesday 01st Nov

The Early Bird offer of £449 per person runs until the 30th June - if you are thinking about coming along, you can secure your place with just £99 deposit.

It‘s time to party!

Friday 11th November

7.30pm until late

Club Langley, Beckenham

If you would like any more info or to book for any of the above events, give me a shout!

AND .. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for #WellnessWednesday, #ThursDates and #ScenicSaturday 😊

Before you go ..

Zoom Express classes have been very quiet recently - where have you all gone?!

There were only 30 attendances across all 15 classes this week 😢

Classes do have to be well attended to remain viable on the programme - do you have any feedback or requests regarding the timetable?

Has the Zoom Express now left the station?!

❗️Please let me know your thoughts.

Have a great weekend 😊

Tracey x

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May 30, 2022

You asked for feedback so here is what I hope is constructive feedback.

I have found the Zoom Directory frustrating at times as in : once I got sent the 30seconds rather than the actual lesson or the system wouldn’t let me purchase it or I got sent but couldn’t open it. I am quite clear that I have to play the video on the same machine from which I purchased it. Now all of these occasions may or may not have been to do with me or the iPad/ phone I don’t know. I did follow the instructions given in your original blog. Anyway today after a long gap I thought I’ll give it one last try and th…


Hi Tracey Sorry it's been a quiet week. I had to be in the office Weds, Thurs & Fri so missed those this week. Really frustrating. Should make Mon, Wed & Fri next week 🤞 Take care. S x

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