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Mid-week drop in!

Hi everyone,

Check out this photo - how cute is little Tommy?

He is my youngest SoundScape participant to date, and it was lovely to see his reaction to the crystal bowls.

If you haven't experienced this for yourself yet, give it a go .. I am sure you will feel the benefits!

I'm away this weekend (Butlin's and 80's tunes, here we come!) so there will be no LIVE classes on the Zoom Express after AAA on Friday, or throughout Monday.

You have full access to the Zoom Directory, where 270 recordings are ready for your use.

It is now more user friendly so please give it a go - your feedback would be welcome.

(If you would prefer to be emailed a recording so the class can be deducted from your class pass, please book into the class by Thursday 6pm at the latest.)

Events wise, there's lots coming up :

Sunday 23rd Oct

Nature v Nurture -The Family Edition

Tuesday 25th Oct

Kids Assault Course

Saturday 29th Oct

Wellness Weekend on Herm

Friday 11th Nov

Club Classics:The Comeback

Saturday 26th Nov

Pop Up Aesthetics Clinic

Sunday 04th Dec

Santa Run Assault Course

Wednesday 21st December

Winter Solstice Chill

All tickets are available via the app - you are welcome to bring your guests.

Plus launching in October ...

The Red Ox Reality Radio show!

Have a good weekend 😊

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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