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Lookie here 👀

Hi all,

I have to admit I am rather excited to be getting on a plane in just over a week's time .. it's only a little plane and it's only a 50 minute flight, but there's a little car free island with my (and 27 others) name on it ..

Please note that whilst I'm away hosting the #WellnessWeekendonHerm, there will be no LIVE classes from Sat 29/10 until Tue 01/11 inclusive.

My apologies for any inconvenience - but there are 270+ classes to choose from on the Zoom Directory, so get renting!

For those of you still dithering over whether you are coming to the party or not, you have just 6 DAYS left to buy your tickets! 🤪

The venue want final numbers for catering by the 27th, and it would help me greatly to have a better idea of who is joining us .. everyone welcome, please get organised and purchase your tickets via this link ⬇️

Tickets for #TheSantaAssault and #WinterSolsticeChill are available on the events tab in the app - very different feels for these afternoons so decide which one is more you, and join us!

That's it for this week, have a good weekend!

Best wishes

Tracey 😊 x

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