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It’s a loooong one!

Morning everyone,

We are nearly through 2022 😱 where has this year gone?

That means it is time for me to thank EVERYONE that accompanied me on the Red Ox rollercoaster of Fitness, Events and everything in between during the last 12 months ..

You have been loyal, supportive, flexible, accepting, engaging, sociable, adventurous, tolerant, humorous and most importantly HERE!

The fitness landscape is forever shifting these days, and it’s good to have you all along for the ride 🧡

Whether you did 1 or 100 classes with me, THANK YOU!

If you came to a 1 event or every single one, THANK YOU!

I have to give a special shout out to my 2022 Top 10 Zoom Express attendees - your onscreen energy and smiles make it all worthwhile!

Gerda 176

Sue 145

Carol 96

Catherine 90

Joan 90

Jilly 84

Sam 82

Janine 80

Ann 75

Emma 73

Good work ladies, that is a lot of classes 👏

And the rest of the Express & Directory squad members -

Sarah, June, Deborah, Liz, Carole, Kate, Pauline, Nolene, Paul, Sue, Krysia, Ellen, Teresa, Eileen, Karalyn, Melanie, Theo, Jodie, Su, Sally, Pam, Maggy, Pamela, Carol, Mark, Jean, Nicola, Michelle, Jude, Stella, Ahu, Katy, Jane, Fiona, Tara, Catherine, Sue, Racheal, Juliet and Shelley


It's not late to get involved with the last two events of 2022

🎅 This Sunday sees the #SantaAssault taking place at Unity Fitness in Chelsfield.

It really is just a bit of a giggle so if anyone is floundering because you think it is beyond your capabilities, then please do join us 🎅

You will be rewarded with treats afterwards!

💫 Then Wednesday 21st brings you the #WinterSolsticeChill at the Lake House nr Ashford.

This will be an afternoon of yoga, Pilates, and SoundScape to ease you into the longer days and shorter nights that follow.

Tickets for both events can be purchased via the Red Ox app, and you are welcome to bring guests along too.

📔 Have you got your 2023 diary yet?

Saturday 11th March 3pm

Bottomless Afternoon Tea @ Em's Kitchen

Saturday 28th October

Wellness Weekend on Herm '23

Save the dates, I would love to see you there!

🎄I'm off to drag the Xmas decs out of the loft, tonight is the only free evening I have to put them up 🤣

Have a great weekend,

Tracey x

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