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Is that the sun I see?

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week‘s request for feedback - your suggestions were very useful, and much appreciated.

* Thankfully all of you indicated you consider the Zoom Express to be good value for money and will be staying online, at least for the foreseeable future 😊

* Some of you will combine online with a few face to face classes back in the clubs.

* Preferred class times are a very mixed bag - you all have different schedules and commitments, but morning classes seem to be the most popular option.

* I have made a few amendments so that there continues to be choice for everyone, and I am looking to schedule an early morning option as per your requests. ❗️However, classes do need to be viable so attendance will be monitored. From next month the Zoom Express will offer a full timetable of 25 classes, but I may have to condense it if numbers are consistently low - this month has been the quietest since the programme began, and classes with only 2 or 3 participants aren‘t sustainable.

* Requests for other types of classes included -


HIIT/10 Rep


Low Intensity exercise

Pre-recorded classes

I have listed my full teaching schedule so you can understand when online classes are not available on the Zoom Express 💫

You are very welcome to attend the Outdoor Group Training Bootcamps in Pickhurst Park, Bromley 🌿

The booking link for this is below:

* Drop in session costs would apply should you wish to attend my face to face classes at Flin’s Fitness in Orpington or the Pavilion in Bromley - fees are payable directly to the relevant provider.

Starting Monday 31st May, here is your line up:


09.30am Pilates

10.15am Below the Belt

11.00am All about Arms

5.30pm Box:It

6.30pm Bootcamp on the Grid 🌿


09.30am Complete Fitness (Flin’s, Orpington) 10.30am Yoga (Flin’s, Orpington)

2.15pm LIFT

3.00pm Stretch & Relax

5.30pm ABC

6.30pm Pilates