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Thank you to everyone who responded to last week‘s request for feedback - your suggestions were very useful, and much appreciated.

* Thankfully all of you indicated you consider the Zoom Express to be good value for money and will be staying online, at least for the foreseeable future 😊

* Some of you will combine online with a few face to face classes back in the clubs.

* Preferred class times are a very mixed bag - you all have different schedules and commitments, but morning classes seem to be the most popular option.

* I have made a few amendments so that there continues to be choice for everyone, and I am looking to schedule an early morning option as per your requests. ❗️However, classes do need to be viable so attendance will be monitored. From next month the Zoom Express will offer a full timetable of 25 classes, but I may have to condense it if numbers are consistently low - this month has been the quietest since the programme began, and classes with only 2 or 3 participants aren‘t sustainable.

* Requests for other types of classes included -


HIIT/10 Rep


Low Intensity exercise

Pre-recorded classes

I have listed my full teaching schedule so you can understand when online classes are not available on the Zoom Express 💫

You are very welcome to attend the Outdoor Group Training Bootcamps in Pickhurst Park, Bromley 🌿

The booking link for this is below:

* Drop in session costs would apply should you wish to attend my face to face classes at Flin’s Fitness in Orpington or the Pavilion in Bromley - fees are payable directly to the relevant provider.

Starting Monday 31st May, here is your line up:


09.30am Pilates

10.15am Below the Belt

11.00am All about Arms

5.30pm Box:It

6.30pm Bootcamp on the Grid 🌿


09.30am Complete Fitness (Flin’s, Orpington) 10.30am Yoga (Flin’s, Orpington)

2.15pm LIFT

3.00pm Stretch & Relax

5.30pm ABC

6.30pm Pilates

7.15pm Zumba with Angella


09.30am Mini Ball Pilates

10.15am Below the Belt

12.30pm Pump

2.15pm Primetime Circuits (Pavilion, Bromley)

3.15pm Primetime Stretch (Pavilion, Bromley)

5.30pm Combat

6.30pm Bootcamp on the Grid 🌿


08.45am Pilates

09.30am ABC

11.00am YogaTots (West Wickham)

5.30pm Pick N Mix

6.30pm Mini Ball Pilates

7.00pm Mindfulness


09.30am Pilates

10.15am All about Arms

11.30am YogaTots (Beckenham)

1.15pm Pick n Mix

2.15pm LIIT

3.00pm Pilates Stretch

5.00pm Pump


08.00am Bootcamp on the Grid 🌿

10.30am Pilates

* Classes in italic denote new time or content - please refer to the class description on the app when booking, or shout if you are not sure.

It is so hard to create a ‘perfect programme’ but I hope this varied timetable offers a range of content suitable for all levels of fitness, and that you find a few classes that match your interests and availability. Believe me when I say I have been going back and forth all week trying to get this right - I hope you are satisfied with the end result!

Finally, my sincere apologies but the 5.30pm ABC on Tuesday 01st is cancelled as it’s the only time I could get a dental appointment to fix my broken tooth 😫

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

Best wishes,

(a slightly frazzled) Tracey x

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