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Friday already ..

Me again 😊

I quite like a 4 day week, Fridays fly around even quicker! I hope you have all had a good week, and have dug out your winter wardrobe in anticipation of the chillier nights ahead ..

I have decided to continue with the current Zoom Express timetable for the remainder of this year, and reconsider the live class/pre-recordings for 2022 based on member demand.

I will sending out a questionnaire within the next couple of weeks asking for your preferences and opinions - it would be very helpful if you could respond and return your views to me 😊

* Reminder for upcoming events:

Thursday 28th October

7.00pm via Zoom

Fancy Dress optional - prizes to be won!

* Please register your interest ASAP.

Sunday 21st November

2-4pm at Butter End, Bromley

£30 pp - payable in advance via the app

* Please purchase your tickets, guests welcome

From 01st December .. more details coming soon!

* I know you are looking forward to this!

LASTLY - You have all been very quiet in the Red Ox Facebook group.

Are you seeing the posts?

* Please LIKE & SHARE to spread the word, thank you.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Tracey x

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