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2 down, 2 to go

Morning all,

How has your week been, apart from damp?!

2 down ..

I'm pleased to say #ClubClassicsTheComeback was a success 👏 130 of us came back after some time away from the Red Ox party scene, and we danced a lot to make up for it 💃

Thank you to everyone that joined me at Club Langley last Friday, and to all the new readers of this newsletter - it was a pleasure to meet you all!

It was a hectic weekend - I attended one of the Red Ox/NMA Training and Coaching Providers #EmergencyFirstAid courses on Sunday.

Invaluable information presented in a fun, easy to remember way - if any of you need to update your First Aid skills, drop me a line.

Monday saw the first live #RedOxRealityRadio show air 🎙 talking to yourself in a room and hoping someone is listening is an odd feeling at first! Once I got used to it, I realised how much I can waffle - but I guess you already know that 🤣

❗️Due to a slight technical hitch (thankfully not something that I messed up!) the show actually cut short and the last 10 minutes of #SoundMeditation was lost 😞

Therefore the show will be repeated this coming Monday 21st November at 4pm for anyone who didn't tune in this week, or felt cheated the first time!

Click on this link ⬇️ to drop straight into the #Mintwaveradio channel at 4pm on Monday

The show will then be saved to my #podcast channel ⬇️ so you still have endless opportunities to catch up 🤪

2 to go ..

#SantaAssault is up next 🎅

If you haven't yet got your tickets for our pre Christmas event on Sunday 4th December, then click here ⬇️

All welcome, and refreshments will be provided afterwards so please do come along.

There are still spaces remaining for this event - I'm really looking forward to hosting an afternoon of Pilates, Yoga and Sound Meditation at the Lake House Kent.

It's a beautiful venue, grab a friend and make an afternoon of it!

Tickets purchased here ⬇️

Any questions, give me a shout.

Thanks for coming, listening, watching, reading and just being generally fabulous 🧡

Best wishes

Tracey x

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