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Wine, cheese & more ..

Who said wine?!

Now that I have your attention, read on .. 😉

Firstly, two tweaks to the timetable as I will be returning to a couple of private face to face classes from 17/05 (real people, in the flesh!) ..

* Tuesday 0930 ABC will move to 1730

* Saturday 1100 Pilates will move to 1030

The app has been amended and these classes are now available to book.

My apologies if these new times do not suit you - perhaps you are able to juggle your class schedule a little to fit something else in if so.

All other classes remain unchanged at this time.

Would you like a Thursday 9.30am class?

I now have availability to add a session here if there is demand - any suggestions or requests?

There are a few classes that are consistently low in attendance - ideally there should be a minimum of 5 attendees to make the session viable. The following classes are on the watch list 👀

Weds 12.30 Pump

Thurs 12.45 Box:It

Thurs 13.30 Mindful Mix

Fri 14.15 Senior Conditioning

Fri 15.00 Pilates Stretch

I would like to continue providing a varied programme of types and times of classes, but they do need to be well attended if they are to remain. If some of your class mates appear to have fallen by the wayside, give them a nudge and encourage them to come back.

Or if you have taken your foot off the pedal a little .. ahem, I’m still here - join me!

Your feedback is always welcome, so if you have any thoughts please share them with me 😊

So .... #WineandCheese 🍷🧀

Our June end of month social will be live!

Sunday 27th June


The Bitter End, Bromley

Price per person is £30 and will include your choice of 4 wines from a tasting menu with notes, and a sharing cheese platter. Please register your interest, it would be helpful to know how many people I could be catering for, and how we need to arrange tables.

All previous newsletters are still available under the Blog tab of your app, so feel free to refer back to them for any other event reminders.

Have a great weekend all!

Tracey x

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