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Wine, cheese and other stuff

QUOTE OF THE WEEK from one of my YogaTots - ’I like Miss Tracey, she smells like flowers’ 💐

Considering you never quite know what they are going to come out with, I’ll take that!

🍷🧀 #WineandCheese is THIS weekend!

Sunday 20th March

2-4pm at The Bitter End

There are a few spaces remaining if you would like to come, but please get your tickets ASAP as I’m off to buy the cheese this afternoon .. 🏃‍♀️

I look forward to seeing you there!

❗️There will be no LIVE classes on the following dates:

Wed 23rd March

Morning classes ONLY - I‘m at a seminar

Mon 28th March

Sponsored Walk for Dementia UK, with my niece Sîana and her dog Roo - if you would like to donate to this worthy cause please follow this link ⬇️

Fri 01st/Sat 02nd April

Away on a farm for the weekend!

Please use the Zoom Directory on these dates, and take full advantage of the extensive On Demand video library available to you - I shall be checking 👀

I have now added another 100 videos to the Directory so you have a ton of choice. Pleeeeeease use them 🙏

If you didn’t catch the mid week blog, you can have a read here ⬇️

Lastly for today, if you would like to participate in the complimentary Soundscape session on Wednesday 30th March at 8.30pm please add your name on the Facebook/Instagram posts 🦎 thank you.

Have a good weekend folks!

Tracey 😊

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