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This week’s Red Ox Reality podcast ..

Bullying is defined as when someone intentionally and aggressively uses their ‘power’ to target another individual with repeated, unwanted words or actions, humiliating or hurting them physically and/or emotionally.

This can take place in school, the workplace, within a peer group, in a family setting or online (cyber bullying)

It is traumatic and the effects can be long lasting

- Were you bullied?

- Do you know someone who is a target of bullying?

- Could your own behaviour be defined as bullying?

If you missed this week’s Red Ox Reality show on Mintwave Radio, you can catch up via my podcast channel 🧡

Now also available on Apple, Google, Spotify and other podcast channels.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts or experiences .. there's a nice little SoundScape snippet at the end to relax and reset after a tough subject content!

And, if you see someone being targeted by a bully, STEP IN .. you might be the only person who does 🙏

Wishing you all a peaceful and enjoyable Easter weekend,

Tracey 🐣 x

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