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The results are in!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my survey, and share your thoughts regarding the Zoom Express.

Extra thanks for the lovely comments about how much you love the classes, and how you have benefitted from them - this is exactly why I do this job, and knowing you enjoy the classes is what makes it all worthwhile 😊

* 122 members, past & present, were invited to take part in the survey

* 54 replied - 13 of whom are currently inactive

* 68 didn’t respond - 8 of whom are currently active

1 - The average weekly attendance is 3 classes, with the top number being 12!

1b - The reasons given by those who no longer attend were - return to work; return to face to face gym; catching up on holidays; too busy with life; tech issues; and injury.

2 - 40 participants favour the 10 Class Pass option, with 14 going for the PAYG.

3 - Only 2 out of those surveyed said they did not consider the Zoom Express value for money. Thankfully 52 of you do! 3b - 38 of you would not be discouraged by a price increase, although continued attendance would depend on the revised cost, choice and duration of classes, and prerecorded availability

3c - 10 of you would attend more classes if offered an Unlimited Monthly option, but only if you had time! 39 respondees would not attend more, although 2 said it would be more convenient to pay monthly.

4. Most are happy with the current Zoom Express content, but suggestions for extras included:

Lunchtime Pilates

5.30pm Mini Ball Pilates

6.30pm (and later) evening classes

More weekend options




More Combat

Resistance Bands


.. and Aqua!

🤪 I’m sorry I asked!

5. The ONE (some of you had trouble with this!) class you don’t want to lose ..

Pilates - 20

All about Arms - 6

Combat/LIFT/Stretch - 5

BoxIt - 4

Below the Belt - 3

ABC - 2

Pump/Mini Ball - 1

And there you have it!

So now I have to work out what to do with that information .. 🙃

I hope you will understand that I have to remove the quiet classes - I have continued running sessions for 2 or 3 people in the hope that numbers improve, but it doesn’t seem to be so.

If there were still 122 of you regularly attending, then it wouldn’t have such an impact on attendance if a couple couldn’t make it here and there. However with less than half of the original members still attending, every person counts.

Rest assured, I appreciate EVERY ONE of you.


I am going to reduce the live timetable from next week, especially as it’s now only 6 weeks until Christmas and I anticipate you will be out and about getting festive, shopping etc!

ALL classes will be available on pre-recordings, so you can still request a class to be sent to you as has been the case for the last few months.

I will also add more sessions to the ‘library’ so you can enjoy new content.

I will then look to add a few sessions back onto the live programme in January, and monitor them closely to see how they perform.

* Of course, if we go back into lockdown for Christmas I will plug the laptop in and it’s all systems go 😂

As I’m sure you are now totally overloaded with information, I will post the revised timetable info on Sunday.

The app is correct so you can check there in the meantime, and book accordingly.

Thank you for being supportive and fabulous .. I’m off to pour myself a G&T!

Have a good evening,

Tracey x

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