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Morning all,

Just a quick reminder .. ☺️

* PAYG credits are valid for one week from date of purchase. * 10 Class Passes are valid for one month from date of purchase

It is usual practice at clubs to increase prices annually - however, class prices on the Zoom Express will remain the same, and continue to be great value for money.

I appreciate that things don‘t always (ever?!) go to plan and you may not get the opportunity to use all 10 classes before your pass expires.

Keep an eye on your plan expiry date - I am happy to extend your 10 Class Pass by a maximum of 2 weeks if necessary, to give you time to use all credits.

In the event you require an extension, please let me know in advance so that I can amend your plan whilst it is still active.

I hope that makes sense?!

And whilst I have you .. a revised timetable will be launched from Monday 5th April.

Going forward the programme will be reviewed every 6 weeks - your feedback is always useful and welcomed!

Have a great day!

Tracey x

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2 comentarios

Hello Tracey As I’ve never tried Pilates I might like to do so this coming Friday please. Linda

Me gusta

It’s like you read my mind I was going to text you this morning to see if possible, I had three classes left on mine that ran out yesterday. Could they be reinstated please? I’ll probably use them all this week. Thanks Lou

Me gusta
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