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Red Ox Renegades-assemble!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Ok .. here’s your Challenge for September, should you choose to accept ..

The September Assault 🏋️‍♂️

Check out the short video attached to today’s Facebook/Instagram posts, and let me know if you fancy being 1 of the 20 Red Ox Renegades to take on the course!

The course is located in Chelsfield and is owned by a friend of mine, JP West of Unity Fitness (Kent).

This is purely for fun, and to test our personal boundaries to see what we can do when we put our minds to it, and are supported and encouraged by others in our community.

The investment is £20 per person, and the course will take approximately 90 minutes .. and I am going to do it too (I might regret this idea)

🍰 There will be tea and cake afterwards (much more me!)

In other news -

⛑ I am arranging an Emergency First Aid training course, in association with Gary Currier, a very experienced trainer and Director of NMA Training and Coaching.

This is open to anyone who feels they would benefit from learning the latest guidelines and recommendations for First Aid, or for anyone who needs a refresher either for work or personal use.

The course will be held within the Bromley borough on either a Saturday or Sunday. Spaces are limited, and will cost £65 per person.

You will receive a Certificate upon completion, valid for 3 years.

🍁 I am now setting out my September Schedule for the Zoom Express and Outdoor Express programmes.

Now that online sessions seem to have dwindled down to the hardcore handful, I will be taking on some more face to face classes next month.

Please keep an eye on blogs, posts, announcements and the app for up to date amendments.

My hope is that the Zoom Express will continue at least until the end of the year, but it needs YOU in order to remain viable.

Have a great weekend - stay in the shade 😎

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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