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Red Ox brings you .. FITNESS!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Evening all,

This week’s newsletter is split over 3 days 😳, for ease of reading and reference.

From September 5th, my schedule is being juggled .. again!

I’ve never had such a changeable couple of years in the (nearly) 3 decades I have been in this industry 🤪

Whilst a large percentage have now moved on from the Zoom Express and are either back in the gyms or finding other ways to stay active, there are still a number of you who find it convenient to attend online classes. Thank you for being there!

Sessions have to be well attended in order for them to be viable, and that hasn’t always been the case over the last few months.

I have am now teaching more face to face classes and have taken on some new PT clients, as well as some private group sessions held within closed venues.

So September is going to be a bit of everything - online, outdoors, on demand and in person!

I really hope to see you somewhere along the way, and thank you for your continued support and understanding.


🌳 0700 BootCamp 40

💫 0930 Pilates

💫 1015 Below the Belt

💫 1730 BoxIt


👩‍🦰 0930 Pump

👩‍🦰 1030 Back2Fit Mummas


👩‍🦰 0930 Body Conditioning

👩‍🦰 1415 Primetime Get Fit

👩‍🦰 1500 Primetime Stretch & Relax

💫 1730 Combat


🌳 0700 BootCamp 40

💫 0845 Pilates

💫 0930 ABC

👩‍🦰 1830 Beginners Yoga


💫 0930 Pilates

💫 1015 All About Arms

💫 1700 Pump


🌳 0800 BootCamp 40

You are welcome to attend any of the above classes - the 👩‍🦰 denotes face to face either with Flin’s Fitness, or at the Pavilion.

I have added a couple of Zoom Express classes back in, as numbers may improve now that summer holidays are coming to an end.

Attendance will be monitored, and the timetable amended accordingly should any sessions not be performing.

Don’t forget!

📕 The Zoom Directory is available 24/7, and offers 200+ recordings.

I am open to feedback and suggestions, and will accommodate where possible and practical - drop me a message!

I hope that you find something in the September programme that suits you, and I look forward to seeing you along the way 🙏

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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