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Hi all,

As you may have gathered, ticket sales for the Festival of the Dead party are not exactly going to plan!

It is a very different playing field from the hugely successful Club Classics party of November 2019, where 350 of us revelled until the early hours .. the last 18 months has had a big impact on everyone, and large events have taken a hit as not everyone is comfortable to return to social gatherings of many people.

Add to that all the rescheduled concerts, gigs, theatre trips, family meet ups and holidays that we are all trying to catch up on, and it doesn’t make for good numbers for another event.

Maybe it was the party theme or the cost that also put people off this time - I have asked for feedback, but it’s all been very quiet …

I have tried my best to remind, cajole, encourage and outright nag people to buy tickets but sadly, it isn’t to be - at least not as in the original party plan format.

After much to-ing and fro-ing and calling in a few favours from friends in high places, Club Langley have allowed me to postpone my event and carry the monies paid over to 2022 - I have rebooked for Friday 11th November so plenty of notice 😂!

This, along with waiving the 75% of minimum bar spend I was liable for upon cancellation, has saved me a LOT of money, and quite a bit of stress too!

HOWEVER, those of you who have bought tickets shall still go to the Ball! Same date, same time but a different location and a little more compact and bijou to accommodate our smaller than usual numbers.

Instead we will gather in the function space at

The Crown & Anchor in Park Road, Bromley.

Last minute negotiations with the fabulous manager there means you will still get your welcome beer and burrito, and chance to chat and mingle with friends. There is no minimum bar spend, you just order and pay as you go.

There will be music and outdoor space, but the pub licence and nearby local residences does not allow for a live DJ.

I appreciate this is not what you were originally expecting, and I am disappointed that this event did not pan out as I envisaged. But we will go with Plan B and enjoy ourselves regardless ..

Tickets are still on sale, and have been reduced to reflect the venue and DJ provisions.

I am in the middle of amending all social media posts, of which there are many .. 🤪 If you know anyone who may be interested in joining us now, please invite them!

If you have any questions, please shout!

I look forward to seeing you all

Friday 01st October

The Crown and Anchor

Park Road, Bromley

From 7-12.00am


Thank you for bearing with me, it’s been a tricky one to sort out!

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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