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Long weekend pending ..

Oh, it’s been all go here!

Henrietta has decided to stay to build her nest (resulting in a rather disgruntled Lily!) and I had a ‘slight issue’ with the decorating (resulting in a very disgruntled Tracey - don’t ask!)

My Mum is visiting this Wednesday as we are off to the theatre, so LIVE Combat & Pump are cancelled for this week.

❗️ Please book in by 4pm in order to be sent a pre-recorded session OR use the Zoom Directory to rent a class!

Classes will be on as usual over the Jubilee weekend, so see you there!

Moving on ..

Did you see my comments in the last blog regarding Zoom Express class numbers significantly dropping off?

Despite 82 members viewing the blog, only 3 of you responded to my request for feedback!

After a bit of wrangling and brainstorming, I have made a few decisions.

NEW timetable!

The programme will now be reviewed on a monthly basis.

From Mon 06th June -


0700 BootCamp

0930 Pilates

1015 Below The Belt

1730 Box:It


1430 LIFT

1505 Stretch & Relax


0930 Mini Ball Pilates

1015 10 Rep

1730 Combat

1900 BootCamp (Summer Series)


0700 BootCamp

0845 Pilates

0930 ABC