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Last call ..

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

.. for tickets for next Friday‘s party!

I’m sure you already know the details as I have been banging on about it for soooo long now, but just in case -

💀 Festival of the Dead

Friday 01st October

from 7.30pm

The Crown and Anchor

Park Road, Bromley

Tickets are £15 pp, and include a beer and burrito - please specify whether you require chicken or veggie. Everyone welcome, feel free to invite your friends - I look forward to seeing you there.

❗️Important information ❗️

I am happy to say that a number of you have benefitted from the new Zoom Select service - this month I have trialled recording the live classes upon request, and emailing them to those members who were unable to attend the session. Feedback has been positive, so Zoom Select will continue to be offered as a convenient alternative for those who need it.

I am looking at ways to add a direct Zoom link and an expiry date to the recordings, but in the meantime politely remind you that the recordings are intended for single use and should not be shared with anyone else, thank you.

If you have not yet used Zoom Select, simply book your class as usual and drop me a message within the app to request the recording - it’s that easy!

‼️ Please note that should you be the only participant booked onto a class, the live class will be cancelled and you will be emailed a previous recording.

It is important that you book your class as far in advance as possible please - lately there have been a few members showing up on screen unexpectedly!

This is not an issue in itself, and you are always very welcome — unless of course I have cancelled the class due to low attendance/last minute issues, and wasn’t able to inform you as I was unaware you would be attending!

Paying for a drop in or class pass is separate to actually reserving your place in a session - you need to do both!

Once your class is booked you will receive a confirmation email - click on the Zoom link and you are in!

🙏 And finally, I need your help!

Facebook and Instagram seem to have ever changing algorithms which affects the visibility of Red Ox social media posts. Basically this means less people see the posts, resulting in less engagement and promotion, and ultimately fewer new members/class participants/event guests.

It would be very helpful if you could click the ‘LIKE’ button when you see a post 👍

Comments also help with post exposure if you are so inclined - thank you!

Thank you for joining me this week.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Tracey x

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