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Well, who would have thought that we would still be meeting online two years down the line?

We started out not really knowing what we were doing, how exactly it was going to work or how long we would be here for ..

The initial system of booking into a class via text, email, Facebook or WhatsApp was hard for me to manage effectively - there was always a risk that a request would be overlooked when trying to juggle so many communication platforms! Taking payments via three different methods was also a little tricky to keep up with 🤪

Thus the Red Ox Fitness app was launched, and now runs alongside the website which serves as a landing platform for any new enquiries and potential leads. A few teething problems, and still the occasional frustrating glitch, but I hope you agree that the app has simplified processes, and is a ‘one stop shop’ for fitness classes, events, information and regular updates.

(Truth be told, I’m quite chuffed with the rapid development of my tech skills - although they still need a lot of refining!)

It has had a few tweaks and adjustments as the months have rolled on but the Zoom Express is still hanging in there, and has an established client base of regular attendees who enjoy the ‘live experience’.

The Zoom Select was good whilst it lasted - it gave those who couldn’t make the live session a chance to catch up at their convenience. However it wasn’t the most efficient system and following feedback from you, the loyal users, it was time to rethink.

It has since been replaced with the Zoom Directory, an on-demand library of 200+ classes available to rent whenever the urge takes you!

Interestingly, the Directory does not appear to be as popular as anticipated, and usage is much lower in comparison to the classes when they were emailed out via the Select option. * Is there anything else you would like to see included in the Directory?

* How can I make this option more attractive and user friendly for you?

2020, whilst being rather challenging in many ways, was a catalyst for big change in my working life. I went from flitting here and there on public transport, teaching 30 face to face classes a week at 8 different venues, to reconfiguring my home and timetable in order to offer a full online programme from my studio. I was impressed at how quickly you all adapted to the new way of doing things, and attendance levels in all classes were much higher than I had hoped for. It was a very unique year for many reasons, and showed us all the importance of community and connection. This is something that remains within the Red Ox family, even though many have now returned to work and their previous fitness providers.

As much as I would have liked for attendances to remain at the heady heights of 2020, 2021 provided a more stable and realistic representation of our online performance:

* 125 initial members have now levelled out to an average of 46 members every month.

* The previous 636 average attendances per month is currently sitting around the 325 per month marker.

You will appreciate that this reduction in members and attendances has a financial impact, and after MUCH deliberation over whether to continue online or return to teaching in clubs, I have decided to continue with the Zoom Express … (pause for you to cheer wildly!)

There will be a small increase in the price of live online and outdoor classes, effective from Monday 04th April. The Zoom Directory remains unaffected. I thought long and hard about this as I did not want it to appear that those of you who have supported me for the last two years are being penalised for your loyalty, but it is necessary in order for this choice to remain financially viable for me.

A drop-in class at a certain local leisure centre ranges from £5.80 to £10.20! I hope you feel the Zoom and Outdoor Express programmes are value for money, and that the service you receive is worthy of your investment. I am always open to suggestions of how I can improve your experience, and welcome your comments and feedback.

The revised price schedule will be published in a separate newsletter, to avoid information overload and make it easier to locate for future reference.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you for your ongoing support, belief, understanding and energy.

YOU make the Red Ox community what it is, and I am very proud to be part of it 😘

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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