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Bring on 2022!

It’s New Year’s Eve 🎉

We made it through a rather challenging year (anyone else getting a sense of deja vu here?!) and we battled it together 💪

2021 saw the continuation of the Zoom Express, the introduction of Zoom Select, the relocation and restructure of the Outdoor Express, and the revival of some live classes and PT sessions. We managed more face to face social events than the year before, and we still squeezed a couple of online quizzes and challenges in too - I would say we have done rather well considering, and as usual it wouldn’t have happened without YOU!

Thank you for sticking with me, supporting my mad ideas, getting involved in all that was thrown at you, attending classes, providing valuable feedback and making it all worthwhile.

Who knows what 2022 will bring, but I am confident that we have got it covered!

❗️Friday 31st (Party time)

* the following will be recorded classes*

5.00pm Pump

5.35pm Stretch

❗️No classes on New Years Day

Monday 03rd January 2022 🤗

Back on it, no excuses - we have calories to use up here!

There will be a couple of minor tweaks in January, so I will put out a full class timetable via the blog and in the Facebook group for an at-a-glance reference, and the app will show the daily listings as usual.

I am working on creating the Zoom Directory, which will eventually replace Zoom Select. It will be an ’On Demand’ library of pre-recorded classes that you can access at any time, choosing from the list and paying for that class to be sent to you. There will be an expiry window to encourage you to actually do the session, rather than letting it just sit in your inbox 😉

I am also working on a monthly theme (no groaning please!) and will need audience participation and enthusiasm from you - I can tell you are excited about this!

There will be quizzes, afternoon teas, picnics, tastings, camping trips, partner collaborations .. oh, and some exercise too. We embrace newbies so please share the Red Ox love and forward invitations/emails to friends and family - everyone is welcome, and if each of you introduced just one more person to our community it would be amazing 🙏

The monthly Prize Draw is making a comeback too - names of all active class participants will be put in a hat, and a winner drawn on the last day of the month. Free classes are also up for grabs when you Refer a Friend.

I appreciate that there are many options available to you now, and I am grateful that you continue to choose Red Ox for your fitness provision and social events. Let’s keep this train moving forwards into the New Year, gathering momentum and picking up lots of new passengers along our journey ..

Happy New Year everyone, you really are the BEST!

Love and cheer 🥂

Tracey x