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Bookings and stuff!

Hi all,

Today is Party Day 💀

I look forward to seeing you this evening - come as you are, accessorise or go all out! * Unfortunately the make up artists are no longer available, so you are gonna have to get creative .. 👀

As requested by a few members, please see below for a reminder of all info regarding the app - bookings, classes, payments etc.

I have made a few changes to reflect the new Outdoor BootCamp 40, and the online Zoom Select option.

💫 All classes should be PAID for via the app - the options/prices available to you are dependant on the specific class, and will be presented to you upon class selection.

💫 Classes MUST also be BOOKED via the app. It is not sufficient to simply pay and then hope my psychic abilities allow me to predict which session you will appear in!

When you book/cancel your class you will receive email confirmation.

If your name is NOT on the relevant class register, you may miss important notifications regarding time change or cancellation. Should you be the only one in for the live session and I am unaware you are attending, you could be sitting in Zoom limbo waiting for me to show up ..!

💫 To allow me sufficient time to send pre-recordings out to those who require them or, in the case of no live class participants, cancel the session, I have added a time limit to booking onto a session. The app only allows me to set one time limit and applies that to all sessions - this is now 15 minutes before the start of a class. Please make every effort to book in advance.

Should you miss this booking window and wish to join the class at the last minute, I will add you on and deduct a credit from your account.

You can cancel your space up until 5 minutes before the start of a class, and the credit will be returned to your account.

💫 Class credits have an expiry, the length of which is dependant on the type of pass - please note how long you have to use the credit/s to ensure you get the most from your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the above, or if there is anything I haven’t covered please let me know.

Finally, don‘t forget the pre-Christmas Red Ox social gathering!

The Rum Revolution on Sunday 21st November Is open to everyone, and is rum is not your tipple then please join us for a glass of your preferred beverage.

Click on the link for more info, or to buy your tickets.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Tracey 😊

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