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Bank some Christmas calories!

There will be some changes on the Zoom

Express programme from this week - please see bold type for time/content amendments ..


🌳0700 BootCamp 40 - Kings Meadow

💫0930 Pilates

💫1015 Below the Belt

💫1100 All about Arms

💫1730 Box:It

💫1830 Pilates


0930 HIIT - Flin‘s Fitness

1020 Yoga - Flin’s Fitness

💫1430 LIFT

💫1505 Stretch & Relax

1800 Lower Body Blast/Pilates - Feel Good Factory


💫0930 Mini Ball Pilates

💫1015 Below the Belt

1415 Get Fit - Pavilion Leisure Centre

1500 Stretch & Relax - Pavilion Leisure Centre

💫1730 Combat

💫1815 Pump


🌳0700 BootCamp 40 - Kings Meadow

💫0845 Pilates

💫0930 ABC

1230 Lower Body Blast/Yoga Stretch - Feel Good Factory

1830 Beginners Yoga - Flin’s Fitness


💫0930 Pilates

💫1015 All about Arms

💫1700 Pump

💫1735 Stretch & Relax


🌳0800 BootCamp 40 - Kings Meadow

💫0930 10 REP Challenge

💫1015 Mini Ball Pilates

To book a LIVE online class, book

and pay via the app as usual.

To receive a PRE-RECORDED class, please message via the app with your request. I will email the session to you, and deduct a credit from your account. * Please note - you can now request pre-recordings at any time, and are not restricted to the live class schedule.

You are very welcome to attend my face to face classes as a drop in participant at Flin‘s Fitness, The Feel Good Factory or the Pavilion Leisure Centre.

Please contact the club to book and make direct payment, thank you.

Shout if you have any questions - but there’s a good chance I am as confused as you 🤪!

Thanks everyone,

Tracey x

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