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Hi all,

We are three days into the Red Ox #adventchallenge and so far a bag of Brussels and a free Zoom class have been given away!

If your name is pulled out and your advent number gives you a challenge, you can still win a prize when the task is completed .. post your video/photo in the thread comments to claim it.

Well done to Jean, Kate and Jilly so far .. 🏆

Tune in for the daily video - and please LIKE 👍 and SHARE ➡️ the posts, thank you.

Classes are quietening down for me in the run up to Christmas - clubs and schools are reducing their timetables/closing for holidays - but the Zoom Express is still offering 18 LIVE sessions per week!

Don’t forget that you can book pre-recordings for any classes you can’t attend at the time - just request your choice and wait for it to land in your inbox!

Finally, it’s Mince Pie Month 🥧

I highly recommend Heston’s Lemon pies, they are very good!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Tracey x

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