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And the winner is ..

.. John the Gas Man!

He will be chuffed that he picked up the most nominations in the Viewers Vote category for the Red Ox #PlankChallenge 😂 particularly as he may not have ‘willingly volunteered’ his participation in this one!

(I might have to rethink the Free Class Pass prize though, as JTGM does not do exercise!)

Runner Up in this category goes to Penny Harper for her Gibraltar Rock Plank 👏

She wins a Toblerone 🍫 which I am reliably informed is her favourite!

So many other brilliant entries, but in this case there can only be 4 winners 😂

Therefore, The Red Ox Award for ..

🏆 Visual Impact - goes to Janine Rawles for her Kew Gardens ‘Food Forever’

🏆 Creative Production - goes to Cathie Delany for her drone footage over Belper

🏆 Cheekiest Gatecrash - goes to Alycia Lee for her Emmanuel Centre school prize giving

Well done ladies 👏 you all win 2 x Free Online Classes (Express or Directory)

And finally 🥁 .. the Red Ox Award for

🏆 Challenging Location - goes to The BootCamp Babes aka Tracey, Emma, Sue & Roz for their equipment based antics <