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Red Ox (Fitness and Events) offers 1-1 fitness training and group exercise classes, online and in person

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My Story

I moved to SE London in the early 90's, straight out of college and keen to make an impact in my first live-in nanny job. The local Leisure Centre opened the same weekend, and I soon started attending group exercise classes as a way to meet new people and expand my social circle. I found the classes to be fun and non-judgmental, and I soon had a wide circle of friends with similar interests. 
Getting fit and improving my health was a bonus!
I went on to qualify as a Group Exercise instructor in 1993, and have held many roles within the fitness industry but I always return to the element that gives me the greatest job satisfaction -
teaching classes.
Whether within a smaller private group setting or a larger club based class, the energy of my participants and the positive experience that they gain from their session makes it a wholly worthwhile and rewarding career.

A community with a difference

Connecting people through health and well-being, and social interaction

Personal training or group classes, online or outdoors - what works for YOU?

With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, I can design a programme that takes your lifestyle, commitments and exercise preferences into consideration, encouraging adherence to and enjoyment of your sessions.

1-1 Power Plate

Many traditional exercises can be performed on the Power Plate, a piece of fitness equipment that activates the body's natural reflexive response to vibration. The surface vibrates 25 to 50 times per second (25Hz to 50Hz) resulting in a natural response that works your muscles harder, whilst doing the same exercises.

Increased strength and flexibility, improved motor skills and stability, fat loss (in conjunction with a healthy, calorie controlled diet), and a quicker recovery are all benefits of acceleration training.

Widely used in many sporting fields as well as rehabilitation practices, the Power Plate is a versatile and effective way to add another element to your fitness training.

I offer 1-1 Power Plate sessions from my private home studio, The Training Station in SE12.

Why not book a 30 minute trial today?


Zoom Express

Do you struggle to find time to exercise?

Do you get bored easily?

Do you find yourself looking at the clock halfway through your session?

Then try a class on the Zoom Express!

I offer a range of 30 minute classes, delivered live online so you can take part in the comfort of your own home, during your lunch break whilst at the office, or even by the pool whilst on holiday!

Decide which class you would like to participate in, and I will send you a personal Zoom link and password -

I look forward to seeing you on screen!

All classes can be modified or progressed to suit your ability.

Choose from the following sessions -

All About Arms

Below the Belt


Cardio Core

Complete Core 



10 Rep Challenge

Mindful Mix



Senior Circuits/Conditioning

Stretch & Relax

Total Fitness


Group Workout Session

The Sky's the Limit

Maybe you are more of an outdoors person?

Do you like a bit more space, fresh air and the sounds of nature accompanying your workout?

BootCamp on the Grid - an equipment free workout designed to challenge both cardiovascular fitness, and muscular strength and endurance.

Using your own bodyweight you will perform a series of high and low impact exercises designed to work all major muscle groups - intense but enjoyable!

PowerWorkout - a dynamic 30 minute session, mixing cardio with strength work, utilising a weighted bag for additional resistance. Exercises can be modified to consider any injuries or conditions the participant is working with.

Pilates in the Park - a mat based session focusing on breathing, core strength, coordination, balance, alignment and lengthening - a slower paced class that can help alleviate back pain, and stretch out areas of tightness within muscles.

Enjoy the breeze and birdsong as you move through your exercises, and leave feeling lighter, taller and refreshed!

* this class is seasonal as British weather conditions are not always conducive to laying on the ground for a long period of time


Client Testimonials


"We have been very lucky to have access to Tracey's online classes to keep us sane during the difficult time of lockdown. Mental Health has taken a major hit during COVID-19 so doing classes on the Zoom Express has helped counter the effects in a positive way.
This has given us something to look forward to, as well as seeing the benefits of weight loss, improved core strength and muscle definition in areas we thought we lost control of years ago!

Sarah and Gary Currier

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