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The Sunday Scoop

Morning all,

Did you think I'd forgotten about you?

As if!

Just keeping you guessing as to when I will drop into your inbox, making sure you open up and read the latest ๐Ÿ˜‰


In just under 3 weeks time, we will be on our own island for a slice of Hermatherapy .. I cannot wait!

It's been months of planning and promo, chasing and changing but we are almost there - and it's not too late to join us!

We have TWO spaces remaining, so if a little FOMO is creeping in then you know who to call.


5 weeks until our (not quite Christmas) party - this has been a long time coming, but 2 years late is better than never!

Tickets are ยฃ25, include a welcome drink, a burrito and a DJ until 1am, and you are ALL welcome - it would be great to get us all together in person, so please do join us on Friday 11th November, at Club Langley.


Can I tempt you with mulled wine and mince pies? Oh, and maybe a little obstacle here and there .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday 04th December from 2pm

Unity Fitness, Chelsfield

*Bring your Santa hat/suit!


3 hours of Yoga, Pilates and SoundScape crystal bowl healing at the beautiful Lake House near Ashford.

Wednesday 21st De