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The results are in!

Thanks to everyone that responded to my mini survey last week - all very useful info, and I hope I can use your feedback to improve my service to you.

60 individuals responded - those of you good at maths will see some chose more than one option!

1. Preferred platform for communication 

A) Facebook 10

B) Instagram 1

C) Email 48

D) App 13

2. All 60 individuals confirmed they received the weekly email update, and read it too 🤗  this makes me very happy to know my efforts are worthwhile!

* for those of you who discover the email in your junk folder, try marking the sender as safe or sending me a short reply every now and then so your email provider know you want to see it! 

3. 43 intend to continue online with the Zoom Express, and 17 plan to brave it outdoors! 

4. Preferred time to exercise 

A) Morning 36

B) Afternoon 7

C) Evening 18

5. Classes for the wish list 🙏 

Abs/glutes/resistance bands 



Running Club



So .. taking these requests and your ever changing childcare and work patterns into consideration, I have made a few changes to the timetable.

Whilst it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time, I hope I have added a little extra to your programme and that you continue to enjoy the classes - as always, I’m happy to hear your feedback so please drop me a line. 

All classes are now on the app, so check them out and get booking!

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