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The text below was written by another instructor, but quite relevant .. I know I am preaching to the converted here - you have all given me incredible support since the start, and we are in this together for as long as is necessary!

Red Ox Fitness rocks 💪 and it wouldn’t be the same without you all, thank you.


‘Instead of your Joe Wicks, Les Mills On Demand, latest Celeb bandwagon, Peloton, go and find the instructors who support you week in, week out.

The instructors who ask how your day's been...

The instructors who ask how the kids/family are...

The instructors who give you help and advice at the drop of a hat...

The instructors who might slip your song choices into class for you...

The instructors who remember your name and connect with you in class...

These are the people who matter.

These Celeb fitness trainers; I guarantee they're not struggling to keep their business afloat.

They'll be paid by clicks, likes and subscriptions to pre-recorded in bulk classes.

Support your local instructors like they've supported all of you at one point in your fitness life

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