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Happy Friday everyone 😊

I hope those of you who got away for a half term break are returning refreshed and energised for the updated Zoom Express!

If you didn’t seem my #Synchronicity post this week, check it out .. Marky J, an experienced dance instructor at Pineapple Studios, will be teaching a Moves & Grooves Masterclass for the Red Ox community 👏

if this is something you would like to try, please register your interest in the comments below, or on Facebook/Instagram. The class will be open to guests too, so if you have any friends who would like to join us please invite them along.

I hope you enjoyed the first Zumba class with Angella on Tuesday 💃 there was a lot of sashaying going on!

See you again this week at 7.15pm for more ..

A reminder of the amendments/additions to the Zoom Express online timetable below :


2.15pm LIFT

5.30pm ABC

7.15pm Zumba


08.45am Pilates

09.30am ABC

5.30pm Pick & Mix

7.00pm Mindfulness


1.15pm Pick & Mix

2.15pm LIFT

* Please see the class descriptions on the app for more information on the class content.

Sunday 27th June

Wine & Cheese 🍷🧀

The Bitter End, Bromley


£30 per person, includes your choice of 4 wines from the tasting menu, and a sharing platter.

Places are limited so please confirm ASAP if you would like to come along - it would be wonderful to see a few faces!

That’s all I have for you this week

Have a great weekend everyone ☀️

Tracey x

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