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It’s time to party 💃

Hi all,

After bombarding you with a lot of info over the last month or so, today is just this .. it is PARTY TIME!

This was scheduled to take place in December 2020 (ssshh, don't mention the 🦠) and then again in 2021 (but people weren't quite ready to socialise) but this year IT IS HAPPENING!

The venue have been very good and allowed me to bank my deposit and push dates back, but now I have to deliver .. and I need you all to be there to make it FABULOUS! 🎉

It would be amazing if those who met over Zoom were to come along, and meet face to face.

It would be astounding if everyone who has made the Red Ox community such a wonderful, diverse group of people could attend, and be in the same room at the same time.

Let's bring together the Zoom Express, the Outdoor Express, Lizard SoundScape, my face to face classes, my 1-1 clients and everyone in between 🙏

No need for fancy dress, come as you are!

You will be greeted with a welcome drink on arrival, and there's a burrito with your name on it when you get a little peckish..

There will be plenty of room on the dance floor, a covered outdoor space for a breath of fresh air, and a chill out area when you need to sit awhile before the next tune pulls you back to boogie!

Now that life has settled down a little and people have picked up their routines again, it really would be something special for us all to connect in person.

Invite your friends/ work colleagues/ school mums/ class participants and have your own party within a party - this could be the Christmas kick off!

Please follow the link below to buy your tickets:

Everyone is welcome, and I would love to see you there 😊 let's make this a night to remember!

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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