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Chartwell, champagne & chat

Hi everyone,

How has your week been?

Some of you will have seen my new studio doors during our Zoom sessions this week .. snazzy aren’t they! Next week sees the start of my (long overdue) house re-paint 🙈 more chaos heading this way, as the decorator navigates my online class times.

I went to a Charity Speed Networking event at the Bromley Court Hotel last night - it was a great opportunity to meet other business owners, but also reminded me of the many elements that make up our Red Ox community.

Zoom Express - live 30 minute sessions performed in real time, chat included!

Zoom Directory - a library of prerecorded 30 minute classes, available online to rent whenever suits you.

1-1/Small Group Personal Training - 45 minute sessions conducted in your own home, or my studio in SE12.

BootCamps - 40 minute outdoor group training sessions, currently scheduled for 3 mornings a week, whatever the weather.

Lizard SoundScape - 60 minute sound healing sessions conducted at my studio or within your own private home.

Events - whether it’s an online Quiz Night, a relaxed Afternoon Tea, a coach trip to a local vineyard, or a weekend of wellness and holistic therapies on a secluded island, we have it all!

You may enjoy just one part of what’s available to you, or you might be an all-rounder and dabble in a bit of everything.

However you are involved, THANK YOU!

Word of mouth and personal invitation is the best recommendation, so please continue telling your friends about us and enticing them to join us for one, two or all aspects of our fabulous community.

Have a great weekend 😊

I’m off to a wedding, and I’m very EXCITED!

Best wishes,

Tracey x

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