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Assistance please 🙏

Hi everyone,

How has your week been?

A few days of blue skies helps lift the mood, doesn't it? And there are some spring flowers popping up here and there too .. 💐

️Changes to Wix app email allowance

Without boring you with the details, Wix (my app host) have removed the 3 free email campaigns I previously received monthly as part of my subscription, and have now applied a charge for sending over 200 emails.

Considering there are 250+ members using the app, that doesn't even allow me to send one single email to everyone - not really much use when I have so much to keep you updated about!

To counteract this new set up, I will include as much info as possible within the weekly newsletter (which at the moment continues to be part of my subscription) to avoid the need to send additional emails about single events - frustrating but let's see how it goes!

🤔 How can you help?

Please ensure you open and read the weekly newsletter!

This will keep you up to speed regarding any changes in the class timetables, or any fitness/social events.

And, if each of you forwarded the newsletter to just one other friend, we could expand our audience and community even further!

Social media and algorithms

The bane of my life!

Facebook and Instagram switch things up all the time, making it very difficult for businesses to continue getting the word out to their existing audience and prospective new leads.

It's a great platform when it works for you, but it's an ever changing landscape and it's hard to keep up.

Last week a lady who used to attend my Anytime Fitness Pilates messaged me to book a space on my Saturday SoundScape.

She never comments or even likes